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Moderation on BGA is community based.

A group of volunteers process the reports, and decide which action to do (ex: exclude player for X days).

BGA Moderators made a difficult work that is absolutely needed to have a nice community. You can see who they are from the [BGA team] page.

Usually reports are processed quite fast, but sometimes this is not easy and there are some additional checks to perform. But don't be afraid: we review every report.

All grades

  • Mortal: this is your grade when you registered on Board Game Arena. You can access almost all functionalities of the website (but you can't speak on general channel).
  • Angel: this is the grade of regular players. To be promoted to this grade, you need: 3 days seniority, 3 games played and 3 positive reputation points.
  • Seraph: this is the moderator grade. Seraph can punish players who disrespect BGA terms of use: reputation penalties, inferior grade.
  • Cherub: this is the super moderator grade. Cherub check that Seraph are fair and unbiased.
  • Archangel: this is the Board Game Arena administrators' grade.
  • Demon: due to a major terms of use violation, this player is not allowed to do anything on the website during a period of time (or forever ...)
  • Devilkin: due to a terms of use violation, this player is not allowed to speak on Board Game Arena (or publish anything) during a period of time.
This page comes from BGA wiki, and has been written by BGA players community. Feel free to edit it!

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