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About Quantum

Eric Zimmerman
Georges Bouchelaghem, Kieran Yanner
Developed by
Pierre Scelles (pikiou), Gediminas Leikus (CraWleR)
Number of games played
37 390
Number of players:
2 - 4
Game duration:
40 mn

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Rules summary

This page comes from BGA wiki, and has been written by BGA players community. Feel free to edit it!

Ship Abilities

Each type of ship has a unique special ability that can be used once per turn.

  • An individual ship die can only use ONE ability per turn, even if it changes number.
  • Using a ship ability does not count as an action (although maneuver and transport are used during a move action).
  • Ship abilities can only be used on your turn, and only by ships on the map. (Ships in the scrapyard and expansion ships can’t use abilities.)
  • You cannot change a ship number in the middle of moving that ship - for example, immediately before rolling for combat.
1 - BATTLESTATION - mighty weapons of destruction

STRIKE: attack space next to the battlestation

Strike gives you a single free move/attack of 1 space that must include an attack. It is possible to move/attack normally and also use strike for a second attack on the same turn.

2 - FLAGSHIP - command and control centers

TRANSPORT: carry ship as you move

Place one of your ships that is in any surrounding space on top of the flagship. Then use the flagship’s move action to move the flagship 1 or 2 spaces. Finally, place the transported ship in any empty surrounding space. A flagship cannot attack if it transports, but a transported ship CAN move and attack normally after it is dropped off.

3 - DESTROYER - mainstay gunships of a fleet

WARP: swap places with one of your ships on the map

Warp does not count as the destroyer’s move

4 - FRIGATE - workhorse utility ships

MODIFY: change to a 3 or 5

After you modify, you can’t use the ship’s new ability this turn, since modify was the ship’s ability use for the turn

5 - INTERCEPTOR - stealthy fighters

MANEUVER: travel diagonally

Activating maneuver during your move action lets you go to any surrounding space as you move. This means you can travel diagonally as part or all of your movement. You CAN attack diagonally.

6 - SCOUT - long-range patrol ships

FREE RECONFIGURE: re-roll the ship

If you roll a 6, roll again until you get a new number.


At the start of your turn, for each of your ship dice on the void map tile, you gain +1 research.

Gaining research from the void does not use up any of your actions or special ability uses for your turn. Ships that earn you +1 research from the void can move and use special abilities normally that turn.

Quantum Entanglement

Quantum entanglement has to do with the possibility of placing 2 or more of your cubes on the same planet:

  • You can normally have only ONE of your quantum cubes on a planet.
  • However, if the ONLY available space on the entire map is on a planet where you already have a cube, then you can place multiple cubes there.
  • The special case of placing a second (or third, or fourth) cube of the same color on a planet is called quantum entanglement. When you construct with quantum entanglement, add 3 to the planet number for each cube you already have there. (Remember – quantum entanglement can only happen if you have no other choice for placing a quantum cube.)
  • Example: Near the end of a game, the only place you can construct a quantum cube is on a size 8 planet where you already have a quantum cube. Quantum entanglement would increase the planet number to 11 (8+3) for the purposes of constructing the second cube there.

Note that when you are placing cubes because you reached infamy (dominance = 6), the same placement rules apply (you can place on a planet where you already have a cube – but only if you have no other options). There are no other special rules for placing a quantum entanglement cube via infamy.

79 games in progress

Watch a game in progress (79 games in progress)

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