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Let's Play!

Before playing, you need to set up your game preferences in 3 steps.

First, you need to select if you want to play just for fun or for fame!


Select the following game mode on the menu.

Simple game

The simplest way to play a game on Board Game Arena.

Play with anyone, with any game options, and enjoy your game.

Next, we will select the speed of your game...


Great! Now you have 2 choices:

- Real-time means that you will play a live game with online opponents. You'll be engaged in a game where opponents expect you to be available to play until the end of the game.

- Turn-based means that you`ll have more time for your turns. You can close Board Game Arena between your turns, and you'll be notified by email when it is your turn to play.
We recommend this option if your Internet connection is not reliable.

Next, we will select your opponents.

With friends or the world?

Perfect! Now you can choose:

- Friends: you must invite your friends to play a game with you. This is the way to play only with your friends and no one else.

- Automatic: we will find opponents available to play with you. We'll make sure to find opponents for you that are worth playing with.

- Manual: you can set up every detail. We recommend that you play a few games before choosing this mode.

And you'll be ready to choose a game!

Real-time • Fast
Real-time • Normal
Real-time • Slow
No time limit • with friends only
Fast Turn-based • 24 moves per day
Fast Turn-based • 12 moves per day
Fast Turn-based • 8 moves per day
Turn-based • 4 moves per day
Turn-based • 3 moves per day
Turn-based • 2 moves per day
Turn-based • 1 move per day
Turn-based • 1 move per 2 days
No time limit • with friends only